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Magel Base - A Gem in the World of Gel Nails

Introducing Magel Base, the first base gel from a top gel brand, praised by nail artists for its beauty, brilliance, ease of use, and durability. This product is not only a hit among professionals but also leaves customers with a lasting impression.


【Features of Magel Base】

◆ It has a soft texture that allows for smooth and even application.

◆ It provides beautiful shine that lasts for approximately 4 weeks.

◆ It is suitable for fill-ins.

【Details of Magel Base】

◆ Volume and Price: 5g ¥2,090, 15g ¥4,950 (including tax).

◆ LED light curing time: 1 minute.

※ Note: Some lights with heat-reducing features may affect the original gloss.

※ We recommend using LED lights with a power of 36W or higher.

◆ Registered as a cosmetic product.

◆ Full Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Polyacrylic Acid, HEMA, Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide, Silica, Red 223, Red 202, Iron Oxide, Yellow 5, Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide Greens, Manganese Violet, Titanium Dioxide, Al, Silver, Mica.

◆ Color: 1 shade - Clear.

Voices from Nail Artists

■ It has a high level of clarity, providing a more transparent finish compared to other brands' foaming gels.

■ The texture is excellent, making it easy to level and manipulate.

■ The softness and speed of self-leveling are impressive.

■ The texture is user-friendly, and the self-leveling process is smooth, resulting in beautiful, glossy results.

■ It would be great to have a concealer color option in Magel Base.

■ The texture is soft, making it easy to use and less prone to unevenness.

Try Magel Base Now!

Please give Magel Base a try. With Magel Base,
both nail technicians and customers will surely be satisfied.

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