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  • Where can I buy Majel products?
    In addition to the Majeru official site, you can also purchase on amazon and beauty garage of cosmetics agency. Official site: Beauty Garage. .jp/ Nail TAT
  • Is Magel Top Gel a hard gel?
    It will be a semi-hard gel.
  • Can any light be used for curing?
    We recommend LED lights.A light with a function to reduce curing heatThe original luster may not come out.
  • What does wiping off uncured gel do?
    Please use a gel cleaner designed specifically for nails. Ethanol cannot be used.
  • Is it compatible with any color gel?
    We have tested various brands, but so far there is no color gel that is incompatible. I think you can use your own color gel.
  • What kind of product is Majel's colorful base?
    Colorful base is a combination of base gel and color gel. For this reason, the process of applying the base gel, curing it, and then applying the color gel as before has become a single process, leading to a reduction in time and usage. It also supports fill-ins.
  • What is the difference between the Majestic Ultra Pusher and general pushers?
    A general pusher has a large cutting edge and may accidentally damage the nail when used on small nails. The Ultra Pusher is much more compact and easier to use than conventional blades, so it can be safely used by people with small nails.
  • All the colorful base colors look similar, but are there any differences?
    For the colorful base, we have chosen colors that blend well with the skin in order to take advantage of the characteristics of the base gel and color gel combined. Therefore, it is true that there are many similar colors now. I think that if you actually use it, you will find a color that is familiar to any person's skin. There will be more and more color variations in the future, so please look forward to it.
  • Can you do French and gradation with just a colorful base?
    Colorful Base is an epoch-making product that combines base gel and color gel. Therefore, it is possible to do French nails and gradation with just a color base. Don't forget to use the top gel at the end.
  • Does the colorful base of MAJEL show color even if it is applied once?
    Colorful base can be colored with one coat, but we recommend two coats to create more color contrast.
  • The top gel becomes cloudy.
    Use cleaner instead of ethanol. For wiping off uncured gel, we recommend wiping with cotton rather than wipes. Instead of wiping strongly, please gently wipe it off at once.
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